Chris McCluskey

Full Stack Web Engineer

About Me

The Gist

I'm a 37 year old who has been building for the web professionally since 2001. I've mostly worked independently, building entire web applications for private companies myself. I enjoy building entire apps solo, and I enjoy working on a team.

My Ethics and Values

I highly value equality, honesty, and accountability. All working human relationships need communication and mutual respect in order to prosper. My desire is to work amongst equals, regardless of title or skillset. I never want to stop learning and I love sharing my knowledge with eager minds.

Some History

I started teaching myself HTML back in 1994 when I was 12 years old; later moving on to Java and PHP during High School.

While attending college, I originally majored in Network Administration but took a job as a web developer for a local web development agency. It wasn't until I started writing full stack code in a professional setting that I decided to change my major to computer programming.

In my spare time I enjoy audio, video, and radio frequency manipulation. I'm interested in taking my coding skills into the hardware world and have been getting into electronics slowly.